Not all types of heroes have to recognized on a large or national scale. Sometimes, they can do things on a smaller, local scale. Though these heroic acts don’t ring on a larger scale, and oftentimes go completely unnoticed, they are just as important, generally helping out communities who are in need or groups who aren’t able to help themselves. Whether it’s someone who throws an event for charitable reasons, someone who volunteers to help those in need, or someone who works on school/church boards to achieve a common goal, local heroes are vital to communities. Tom Duffy encapsulated this mentality at every given opportunity.

One of the most notable heroic things that Tom did was volunteer for the search & rescue team. When someone was in need, Tom was the one to call. He was constantly working with this team to ensure the safety of lost hikers, injured adventurers, and anyone else who was in the need of rescuing. Having expertise flying helicopters helped with this quite a bit too.

Paired with this, he was on the board of directors for Mount Ellis Academy and the Seventh Day Adventist church, where they were able to meet to help achieve common goals to benefit the school, church, and Bozeman Community. He also used his wealth to help out by donating to various local camps. Whether it was donating to help run a local basketball league, camps for kids, or camps helping out disabled youth, Tom was a primary donator to many of these activities, making him the definition of a “local hero”.

Bozeman has tons of local heroes that help out every day, and we would love to hear about yours.