Proper Sauna Etiquette

Hopping in the sauna can feel great after a workout. It can help relax your muscles after a tense workout, can help prevent future illnesses, and can prepare your body for all your future workouts. However, there is a certain etiquette that must be followed while using the sauna, and there are some things you should avoid when looking to use a sauna.

1. Please Keep Your Voice Down

For many, saunas are places of tranquility and relaxation. They typically use the sauna to enter a Zen-like state for meditative purposes. So, naturally, they will be pretty peeved to hear about your “rager of a weekend” while they try to relax and get away from life’s problems. So, please, if you do want to have a conversation in the sauna, keep your voice down and be conscious of the people around you. There are plenty more places where you’re able to talk loudly.

2. Shower After Using

Although using a sauna can help prevent future diseases, you will sweat a lot, which can cause minor colds and sickness if you don’t hydrate properly. Because of this, we advise that you always either take a warm/cold shower or go into a plunge pool shortly after using the sauna. This will rehydrate your body, give you energy, and prevent your body from picking up any minor sicknesses.

3. Leave Your Electronics in Your Locker, and Your Music at Home

This one should be a no brainer, but you’d be surprised. For many of the same reasons why you should keep your voice down in the sauna, you shouldn’t use electronics while using the sauna. Not only can the electronics be loud and annoying to others, but they have a potential to overheat in the sauna which can be harmful to your electronic device as well as potentially harmful to others if it overheats too much. Paired with this, the sauna isn’t the place for music. We don’t allow Bluetooth speakers in the Hot Springs anyway, but we’ve had people bring a wide array of musical instruments into the sauna. Just remember, what is relaxing to you may not be relaxing to others, so please be courteous of your surroundings.

4. Don’t Exercise in the Sauna

This really only applies if there are other people in the sauna with you. Hot yoga is a great trend that people like to do, and when the sauna is the hottest place in the building, it seems like the perfect opportunity. However, we do have limited space in the sauna, especially now with COVID protocols, so if you aren’t the only one in the sauna, please wait to practice yoga. Or if there are only one or two other people in the sauna, ask them if they’re ok with it. If they are, then you’re all good to go.

5. Do NOT Pour Water on the Rocks

This is a HUGE no-no at our sauna. In the past, we’ve had to add new heaters to our sauna from people ruining the old versions by pouring water on the rocks. Doing these has almost started fires and can potentially cause a ton of harm to the facility and other sauna users. We’ve had to close the sauna down before because of this, so please follow the rules. If we get reports of you pouring rocks on the sauna, we will kick you out, and if we find out that you’ve been doing it more after that, we won’t allow you to use the sauna at all. So, please, if you want to sit in a room full of steam, just use our steam room. It’s what it’s there for.

6. Please Don’t Use the Sauna to Work Off a Hangover

We have this problem a ton, where someone partied a little too hard on Saturday night, so they figure that they can sweat off their hangover in the sauna. But in all actuality, this is a terrible idea. The best way to work off a hangover is to hydrate constantly, and saunas tend to do the opposite. We’ve had people get sick and pass out due to dehydration from trying to sweat off a hangover, so please please please please please don’t use the sauna to work off your hangover.

Thank you in advance for practicing safe sauna etiquette. We look forward to seeing you all in the future!