Win Free Passes with this Scavenger Hunt!


25 items are listed below, you and your family are tasked with finding all 25 items, taking pictures of you with the items, and sending them to us. The first three teams to complete the scavenger hunt will receive one free swim pass per family member. Please send submissions to


  1. Two orange items that aren’t a fruit or a coloring utensil
  2. A book with the first letter of your first and last names in the title
  3. A toy that has three different colors
  4. A pair of matching, non-white socks
  5. Something round
  6. Something soft
  7. A picture of your family
  8. A piece of Bozeman-based clothing (MSU, Bozeman High, Hot Springs, etc.)
  9. A souvenir from a vacation
  10. An item in your fridge that starts with the first letter of the month you were born
  11. A shirt the same color as your eyes
  12. Two cooking utensils of the same brand
  13. Your favorite board/card game
  14. A picture of your current or past pet
  15. A picture of you or a family member on a bridge

OUTDOOR ITEMS (can be pictures of you with the items)

  1. A rock smaller than your hand but bigger than your finger
  2. Something that needs sun to live
  3. Wind-chimes
  4. An item that you use outside in the summer
  5. A vehicle the same color as your shirt


  1. Something that floats (you don’t count)
  2. Something hot
  3. Any size of spring (Please avoid dismantling furniture
  4. A pool toy
  5. Something from the Bozeman Hot Springs (scan card, merch, etc.)

Printable Item List