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4/11/19: Dumbbell Squat Press

The dumbbell squat press is a foundational exercise for any person who wants to build strength and power in the legs and hips, particularly in the quads and glutes. This variation of the Dumbbell squat adds a shoulder press, which also increases upper-body strength and core stability. By only using one dumbbell and pressing it overhead switching from shoulder to shoulder increases your core activation particularly on the opposite side of the body from which the dumbbell is.

Start with your feet about shoulder width apart start with the dumbbell at one shoulder. Squat down keeping your chest up and core tight. As you rise back up press the dumbbell overhead and switch it to the other shoulder. Repeat. This is a great move to add into a circuit.

2/12/19: Cable Y-Flies

Need a move to improve posture and sore strength? Try this!

You will sit upright with tall posture, roll your shoulder blades back and down and your knees will be bent.

You will then grip the handles in a pronated grip in this case knuckles up palms down. With soft elbows you will retract your shoulder blades back and down into the proper position and pull your hands up and back to form a Y position with your arms (45 degrees for best squeeze on upper back and rear shoulder).

7/17/18: Ricky’s Weight Loss Story

Ricky started with our maintenance team last fall.  Shortly after settling in, he decided to take control and started on a path to a healthier life.  He has been grinding away every day in the gym, on the trail, and on the bike, and has lost 123 lbs in under eight months.  His original goal of losing 140 lbs in a year has changed.  He is looking to complete his goal by September 1st, 3 months ahead of schedule.  That same day, he will summit Emigrant Peak, the mountain he spent over 100 hours photographing from the valley floor over the last 6 years.  On that day, he will stand on top for the first time.

When you talk to him, you can see the fire in his eyes, and hear the passion in his voice.  He continues to inspire the staff and our visitors with his dedication to his diet and training.  He has decided to volunteer with Gallitan County SAR, and is training for that to be a key part of his life.  He wants to make the most of his new body, living a life worth living.  We will be folliwing his journey as he continues to crush every goal in his path.  If he can do it, so can you.  It’s never too late to get started.

7/2/18: Rowing Machine

Rowing is a full-body exercise that can help build and tone your muscles, improve your cardiovascular function and increase your stamina. It is low-impact and easy on your joints.

Rowing burns calories rapidly, making it a suitable addition to your workout regimen if weight loss is your chief priority. A vigorous 30-minute workout on a rowing machine can burn 255 calories for a person weighing 125 pounds, 316 calories for someone who weighs 155 pounds and 377 for an individual who weighs 185 pounds. Frequent rowing can help you work toward the daily calorie deficit that is integral to weight loss.

Rowing is an endurance exercise that increases heart rate and oxygen consumption. Over time, regular cardio exercise leads to improved cardiovascular function and can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

You can adjust the resistance of a rowing machine, which makes it accessible for all fitness levels. Start out at a lower resistance if you’re just beginning to exercise and continue to increase the resistance as you get fitter.

Rowing is a total-body workout that uses every major muscle group. At the beginning of each stroke the back muscles, quadriceps, hamstrings and calf muscles are activated.

As the stroke continues the abdominals, triceps, chest muscles, shoulder muscles, wrist flexors and extensors and glutes are also activated. As you finish the stroke, your biceps and obliques are working hard.

Strengthening all the muscles in the body leads to improved movement in daily life, reduced back pain, stronger bones, better weight control and increased energy.

6/18/18: Exercise of the Month

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From Personal Trainer Heather Richards – How to properly set up a Bulgarian split squat (so you don’t have to keep adjusting your position)

Out one leg on the bench have weights beside you on the floor. Bring that knee down to touch the floor and pick up your weights. Then continue this brutal move! This puts the leg in the correct place so that the knee does not go past the toes on the downward part of the move.

(Click picture for exercise video)




5/28/18: Zumba Classes

Looking for something new? Try Zumba! These ladies have a blast burning calories!

Need a few reasons to make it to class?

  1. It improves coordination
  2. It’s a full body workout
  3. It’s social and mood boosting
  4. It’s fun





5/21/18: Saunas

Health Benefits of Sauna. For best results go after a good workout!

Sauna use can…

  1. increase longevity
  2. improve focus, attention and brain performance
  3. detox, skin and acne
  4. relaxation, decrease stress and anti-inflammation



5/14/18: May Exercise of the Month

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Exercise of the Month- “Put the band above your knees and sit with your back up against a wall or platform. Try 20 reps, then without rest hold one leg static and pulse right leg out for 10-15x then the other side. Finally hold both legs static for 20-30 seconds!! This is a perfect finisher for a leg/glute workout!” Personal Trainer Heather Richards








5/3/18: Don’t Cancel Your Membership

Don’t cancel your membership in the summer

  1. Not seeing the results, you want? It could be your workout frequency and consistency! Consistency is key to meeting goals and seeing results! Make it a goal to workout 3 times a week all year long!
  2. Montana summers are short! Get into the gym during the week to help you maintain your cardio and endurance to bike, hike and run on the weekends!
  3. Decreased crowds. Like working out with less people? Many members fall of the wagon in the summer, don’t be one of them! Take advantage of having the gym to yourself!





4/19/18: Jumprope

If you’re looking for a way to add a little fun and creativity to your workouts, consider adding jump rope intervals. A good jump rope is one of the best investments you can make in your own fitness because it is an extremely effective form of cardiorespiratory exercise and doesn’t require much more than a little space, a timer and some creativity.

Here are 4 reasons why:

  1. Jumping rope can increase the elasticity and resiliency of lower-leg muscles, leading to a reduced risk of lower-leg injuries.Calf raises can strengthen the lower leg, but if the muscle tissue becomes too tight it could increase the risk of a number of lower-leg injuries including Achilles tendon strain or plantar fasciitis. Jumping rope regularly strengthens the calf muscles and improves the elasticity of the surrounding tendons and fascia. To increase elasticity, try to land on the ball of the foot first, but let your heels go all the way down to the ground.
  2. Jumping rope can help improve your coordination.Jumping rope is a cyclic activity, which means you perform it for a steady, regular cadence. The steady cadence and rhythm of jumping rope can help improve the coordination between your eyes, feet and hands.
  3. Jumping rope can help improve your cognitive function.This is because jumping rope involves learning new motor patterns, which improves the nervous system communication between your brain, wrists and lower leg muscles. This, in turn, helps to improve your overall cognitive function, which is an important benefit as we age.
  4. Jumping rope can help increase the intensity of circuit-training workouts.Strength-training workouts that alternate between different muscle groups can increase heart rate and provide a cardiorespiratory benefit. Adding one or more jump-rope stations to a circuit is an easy way to increase the intensity of the overall workout. If you enjoy making your own exercise circuits, add two to three minutes of steady rope jumping at the end for an additional calorie-burning opportunity.

3/19/18: Circuit Training

4 Benefits of Circuit Training

  • Time – circuits shorten gym sessions and are time efficient
  • Improves conditioning and muscular endurance
  • Works whole body
  • Increases metabolic rate- can increase calorie burn up to 48 hours after workout ends

Need help setting up a circuit training routine? Stop by the Fitness office and make an appointment with a trainer!





3/12/18: Training Intensity

Make sure your workouts actually make you work.

Look for workouts that challenge you, not workouts where you are comfortable.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it’s not going to change you!

4 Ways to Increase your Training Intensity

  1. Use heavier weight
  2. Increase your time under tension
  3. Decrease Your Rest Periods
  4. Use Supersets, Circuits, and Dropsets


3/4/18: Lateral Elliptical

What makes the lateral elliptical so effective is that it takes users out of the sagittal plane—where front to back movements occur—and places them in the frontal plane, where side to side movements occur. Frontal plane training is highly effective, but it’s M.I.A. from many training programs. This type of training not only sculpts the muscles on the front and back of your body, but the sides, as well. Most people find frontal plane training to be more difficult than sagittal plane training. Why? Because it’s different.

We spend much of our lives moving in the sagittal plane—walking, jogging, biking, etc. We even perform many weight room movements in the sagittal plane, such as the Bench Press, Curl and Row. Mixing in frontal plane training is a great way to strengthen underutilized muscle groups and build a body that works the way it was designed to.

The motion is smooth and low-impact. You will feel a tremendous amount of activation in your glutes, outer thighs and core as well as get a great cardiovascular workout.



2/5/18: Jacob’s Ladder

Benefits of the Jacobs ladder

1.Freedom to Choose Your Own Intensity-The Jacob’s Ladder provides you with the freedom to choose your own pace, as you can increase or reduce your pace without any special button. The pace reduces as you slow down, and increases when you increase your pace.

2. Minimal Stress of Joints and Tendons-The Jacobs Ladder is able to engage your muscles with minimal stress on the joints, as there is no strenuous impact at all.

3.Jacobs Ladder Can Be Used for Aerobic and Anaerobic Fitness-The Jacobs Ladder can be utilized both anaerobically and aerobically, allowing for longer-durations as well as High Intensity Interval Training.

-If you want a more aerobic workout, go slow and steady!

-If you want to work your anaerobic threshold, push yourself for 45 seconds to 1 minute and then take a breather!