Now that we’re in the summer season, we’re seeing all kinds of fresh faces in the gym. Whether it’s new members or tourists, summer brings in a lot of new people, so it’s the time of year where we’re rehashing our gym etiquette rules. Following these rules will make sure that everyone is able to experience the gym well and have an overall positive experience!

1) Wear Proper Gym Attire

This more of a rule of the gym than an etiquette guideline, but with a whole lot of fresh faces and tourists, we have to highlight this. Make sure you have the proper attire for the gym, otherwise we will make you go change into something appropriate.

In our gym, proper attire is:

  1. Clean, close-toed shoes
  2. Shorts, sweats, or leggings (NO SWIM TRUNKS)
  3. A shirt for men and at least a sports bra for women

Like we said above, if you don’t follow these guidelines, we will make you go change into something that follows these guidelines

2) Wipe Down the Equipment When You’re Done

It’s not a workout if you aren’t sweating a little bit, but nothing’s worse than walking up to a machine that’s covered in someone else’s sweat. So, for the sake of others, wipe down the machines when you’re done. We provide free rags and spray bottles to make it even easier for you. It’s also generally a good idea to wipe down a machine before you use it as well to stop the spread of germs, but cleaning up your sweat when you’re finished is crucial to making sure others can have a positive gym experience.

3) Rerack Your Weights

Let’s face it. Everyone is at a different level on their fitness journey, so not everyone can lift the same amount that you can. It’s important to rerack your weights once you’re done so everyone else in the gym can work out effectively.

Also, keep in mind that there’s no shame in asking for help if someone left their weights on and you’re not able to lift them off. We’ve all been there at some point in our fitness journies.

4) Take Phone Calls Outside

Here’s the scenario: you forgot your headphones and you’re doing squats. All of a sudden, from behind you, you hear (loudly) “Hello? Oh what’s up bro?” then proceed to hear a full one-sided conversation about their previous night’s escapades for the entirety of your squat session. Pretty awful, right?

This is something we see in the gym almost every day, and it’s pretty obnoxious every single time. We think it’s awesome that your bro or your grandma called you. But not everyone else needs to hear what you’re saying to them, so take the call into the hallway.

5) Be On Time for Fitness Classes (or Enter Quietly if You’re Late)

Being late for one of our fitness classes can be disruptive to the class and can throw off the flow (especially for circuit-based classes). So please show up on time for our fitness classes so we’re able to make sure they run smoothly.

We get it. Sometimes things happen where you can’t quite make it in time. If that’s the case (and you aren’t too overly late), make sure you enter quietly so the class can continue as planned.

Also, we can’t believe we have to say this, but if there’s a class going on that you’re not participating in, don’t go into the room. The room is meant for fitness classes and we promise the gym has everything you’ll need for your workout.

6) If You’re Not Feeling Well, Work Out from Home

It feels amazing when you finally hit your groove. You’ve built your amazing workout routine, have watched yourself advance, and gotten into a solid rhythm. Then, those pesky seasonal sicknesses get you. We know how worrisome it can be to give up on your routine until you’re feeling healthy again, but by continuing to come into the gym, you’re putting everyone else at risk to catch whatever you have. It’ll also likely extend your sickness, as you’re not allowing your body to recover. So it’s best for everyone if you stay home.

If you’re super set on continuing to work out, ask one of our trainers to make you a quick, low-intensity home workout! They’ll be able to whip you up something incredible.

7) Don’t Argue with Our Trainers

This rule is pretty simple: what our trainers say is final, and arguing with them is only going to make things worse. Whether you’re training with them or are asked by one of them to follow the rules, what they say goes. We understand that gyms have different rules, so if you’re doing something wrong and they correct you, just agree with them and move on.