Whether you’re a starry-eyed newcomer to the gym scene, are a gym veteran looking to mix things up a bit, or someone who used to be a fitness buff who has seemingly lost their way, a personal trainer can help you meet any fitness goals. Even if you want to wing it and just figure things out on your own, doing even a few training sessions can show results that you weren’t expecting, and even protect you from certain fitness-related injuries.

Goal Refinement & Perfection

The first step to most personal training is sitting down with a trainer and going through a fitness consultation. In these styles of consultations, the trainer will go over your past fitness experience and what your goals are to get a better gauge on how they can help you. These meetings are all about learning your goals and refining them to perfection to make sure that you are seeing the results that you want to see. Even though you may think you don’t need it, a quick fitness consultation can really steer you in the right direction. And the bonus? Most gyms offer this service for free with a membership (we know we do), so you don’t have to pay for a session where you won’t actually be working out!

They Will Hold You Accountable & Motivate You

One of the biggest reasons for people struggling in the gym is that they lose motivation and don’t hold themselves accountable. We’ve all been there before where something life related happens or you simply lose interest. Personal trainers can help hold you accountable and motivate you to meet your goals. Plus, if you flake on them they don’t take that lightly, and they’re usually going to be bigger than you, so you don’t want an angry trainer on your hands.

They Can Push You to Your Limits & Vary Your Workouts

Nothing is worse than falling into a routine when working out. Whether it’s doing the same thing over and over again, or not pushing yourself hard enough, you can eventually stop seeing results, which can be remarkably demotivating. That’s where a trainer can come in. They are essentially masters of pushing your limits and making sure your progress doesn’t stagnate. While it may feel like they’re temporarily your enemy and they’ll make you feel pain in places you didn’t even know about about, it’ll help you in the long run. Trust us.

They’re also well-versed in pretty much every exercise imaginable, so they will be able to vary your workouts so things won’t start to feel redundant, which can be a problem for many gym goers.

Form Perfection

Even the most hardened gym-goers can fall into screwing up something in their form. While having bad form can stagnate results slightly, there can also be drastic long-term effects of using poor form when working out. The problem with form that everyone runs into is that it can vary from person to person, and there are different correct ways to do certain moves in the gym. Trainers can help make sure you’re doing the best form for you and your specific moves. Even though you know your body best, a trainer can make sure that your form won’t bite you in the butt in the long run.

They Want to See Your Progress as Much as You Do

Ultimately, the trainer is there to help you through your fitness journey, and they love to see the results as much as you do. There is no better feeling in the world than seeing your before & after pictures once your fitness goals have been met. It feels like you just conquered the world, and it even makes the trainers thrilled to see how far you’ve come. Both you and your trainer will be incredibly proud, and it’s something you won’t ever forget. So get out there, and go talk to a trainer today, even if it’s just for a consultation. You never know where they’ll take you.