While they might look intimidating, the battle ropes are a simple workout tool that everyone can use and benefit from.


Many people may think of the battle ropes as an upper body workout. However, when done right, the battle ropes can really be a full-body workout. You’ll train the muscles in your upper back and arms, as well as your core, glutes, and leg muscles for a total body workout.
Furthermore, in addition to being an effective strengthening workout, the battle ropes also serve as a great cardio workout since the effort can get your heart rate elevated enough for fat loss and calorie burning.


Both cardio sports like running and strengthening exercises like lifting can be very hard on the body. For some people, these types of high-impact exercises are impossible to do for health reasons or perhaps the risk of injury is too much of a gamble. While there is no guarantee that the battle ropes won’t result in injury, the lack of impact on the body can be much better for certain gymgoers.


When it comes to working out, the implementation of variations and changes can help you to achieve successful gains and combat boredom. Changing the resistance of a battle rope is simple, the closer to the anchor you are, the less resistance. While you may think it’s a one-movement exercise, there are many ways you can change battle ropes to focus more on specific muscle groups.


Or unilateral dominance! With a rope in each hand, you’ll notice how each side of your body handles the challenge. One side may feel stronger, or more coordinated than the other. Using the ropes consistently over time can help you even out those differences.

Stop into the gym today to test out this piece of equipment! Ask a personal trainer on staff if you are unsure where to start.