What are Self-Rescue Swimming Lessons?

Self-rescue swim lessons are swim lessons for children 6 months – 7 years old who don’t feel safe in the water. These classes are to teach children how to feel safe and independent in a water environment.

This 5-day-a-week, 4-6 week program will make sure your child feels safe in the water, even if you aren’t around. They’ll transition from being scared or nervous in the water to feeling safe and relaxed.

For more information, please email e.valle@infantswim.com or cybil@bhsprings.com

What are We Looking For?

We are looking to give one FULL scholarship to a child/family who would like to participate in Infant Rescue Swim.


Child must be 6months- 7years old

Must be available to start Monday, January 11th.

This is a 5 day a week, 4-6week commitment. The time slot available is either 10:12am or 12:50am.

If interested please message us on Facebook or email cybil@bhsprings.com