My Fitness Journey with Kaci Noble

By: Alta McConnell

“If you work hard in training, the fight is easy.” -Manny Pacquiao

In November of 2018 I wanted to start making my health a priority in my life. I had a one-year old little girl at the time and wasn’t making time for myself. I decided to check out personal trainers at the Bozeman Hot Springs and Fitness Center and found Kaci. At our very first appointment I had to bring my daughter because I didn’t have childcare at the time. Kaci was so helpful and understanding in helping me enroll her in the onsite daycare facility so we could start our fitness journey together.

I have always struggled with accountability when it comes to my fitness. Kaci motivated me right away to help make myself a priority and to help set attainable fitness goals. My body had definitely changed through my first pregnancy and caesarian section. Kaci was very knowledgeable and compassionate as to what I wanted to accomplish and how to help motivate me.

Two months into our fitness journey I found out I was pregnant! Although I was super excited for the news I was really struggling inside because I knew my body was about to change drastically again. Kaci was not only understanding to my interior struggle she was extremely motivating as to helping me set new goals throughout my pregnancy and I could not have done it without her.

I now have a two-year-old and a five-month-old and I work out with Kaci two days a week and try and work out one or two other days a week using specially tailored work outs that Kaci created for me. She is not only very well educated in fitness but her ease and ability to personalize each workout makes me feel extremely fortunate to have her as a friend and inspiring trainer.

When we first started working out together, I had read that she had a boxing background. Boxing has always been something that has always interested me and I was excited to explore that work out with her. We had to put the boxing on hold throughout my pregnancy but we have recently incorporated it into all of our workouts and I have noticed big changes in myself. I have not only gained strength and muscle I have also met some of my cardio goals like jumping rope that I never imagined I could do!

Kaci and I have been on an inspiring fitness journey and I’m really looking forward to continuing our progress together!