We wanted highlight and to share the extensive process and attention to detail our cleaning crew takes every night to ensure our facility is clean and ready for use when we open the next morning

  • Every day, upon closing, our indoor pools are drained completely
  • Our pools are filled up with fresh hot springs mineral water every morning prior to opening
  • The entire facility is disinfected, sprayed down and scrubbed with stiff nylon brushes
  • Our steam room is sprayed down with cleaner and scrubbed
  • We spray, scrub and sanitize the sauna each night
  • All the carpets are vacuumed and cleaned
  • All the workout equipment is sanitized and wiped down
  • All the counters/fountains sinks/hand rails/bathrooms are disinfected and cleaned
  • All the floors are cleaned and sanitized
  • The locker rooms are wiped down and sanitized
  • We use a disinfectant fogger to sanitize locker rooms, lockers, showers, gym equipment, stretching mats etc
  • We spray and scrub all mats in pool area and locker rooms

That’s just to name a few of the things to make sure our facilities are the cleanest they can be. Truly, there are hundreds of other small and big things that are done. The full list is honestly too long to post, but the entire facility gets cleaned every single day.