Spell-Your-Name Workout


  • Do the workout assigned to each letter of your name
  • Use full name for more difficult workout
  • Repeat 3-4 times with 1-2-minute break in between sets

A:   30-Second Plank
B:   20 Push-Ups
C:   30 Bicycle Crunches
D:  40 Jumping Jacks
E:   10 Burpees
F:   1-Minute Wall Sit
G:   20 Lunges
H:  10 Inchworms
I:    20 Flutter Kicks
J:    50 Calf Raises
K:   20 Mountain Climbers
L:   15 Crunches
M:  20 Lateral Lunges
N:  15 Burpees
O:  1-Minute High Kicks
P:   20 Jump Squats
Q:  10 Push-Ups
R:   15 Burpees
S:   20-Second Single Leg Stand-Up
T:   1 Minute Plank
U:  20 Air Squats
V:   40 Jumping Jacks
W:  30 Mountain Climbers
X:   10 Inchworms
Y:   20 Speed Skaters
Z:   15 Crunches

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