Alternating Dumbbell Bench Press

This is a great exercise for the chest as well as shoulder stability. It is also an awesome way to challenge your core, because since you are only moving one dumbbell at a time, you have to really focus on engaging the core throughout the whole exercise. Another bonus is that since you have the same amount of weight on each side, you can start to even out the strength on either side of your body.

  • Start with a pair of dumbbells that you could do at least 15 reps of bench press with. Grab a bench
  • To begin this exercise, lay down on the bench and hold the dumbbells directly above your chest with your arms straight and the dumbbells touching
  • While still holding one dumbbell in place, bring the other one down to the side of your chest and then press it back up until your arm is straight again. Repeat on the other side and that is one rep
  • Make sure that while you bring one dumbbell down you are focusing on keeping the other arm locked in place and engaging your core so that you don’t move side to side.