Frequently Asked Questions2022-08-09T15:15:17-06:00
Are the pools chlorinated?2018-08-21T10:48:39-06:00

The indoor pools are drained and cleaned every night, so we don’t need to chlorinate them. But the outdoor pools are chlorinated.

Does your facility offer spa services?2018-09-05T14:10:30-06:00

We do not offer spa services anymore, but the waters are known to aid in muscle relaxation.

Do you guys sell or allow alcohol?2019-05-06T17:45:08-06:00

We are a no-alcohol facility. We don’t sell any alcoholic products, nor do we allow any.

Can we bring outside food?2018-08-21T11:00:09-06:00

Yes! You’re more than welcome to bring outside food and drinks, as long as the drinks aren’t alcoholic or in a glass container.

Are all your pools fed from natural hot springs?2019-05-06T17:45:40-06:00

Our pools are fed from a natural hot spring, but it is combined with cold water to allow comfort in the pools.

What natural minerals are in your water?2018-08-21T11:14:49-06:00

Our water contains a mixture of sodium, silica, bicarbonate, carbonate, chloride, and sulfate. The outdoor pools are also chlorinated

Are you open all year round?2018-08-21T11:15:56-06:00

We are open all year round. We do shut down for a few days twice a year, but besides that, our facilities are always open.

Do your public locker rooms have lockers or showers?2018-08-21T11:16:29-06:00

Our public locker rooms have both lockers and showers. The lockers are 50 cents to use

Do you sell gift cards?2018-08-21T11:17:46-06:00

We do! You can get them at the front desk.

How much are personal training sessions?2023-10-29T14:56:44-06:00

Our personal training sessions are $60/session, 4 for $179, 8 for $339, or 12 for $479.

Do You Take Reservations?2021-06-21T17:40:29-06:00

We do not take reservations. The pools are public access, so no reservations are required.

How Much is It to Rent a Campsite?2021-06-21T16:13:03-06:00

Campground reservations depend on the time of year and the amount of vacancies. For more information about registering, please visit

Do You Provide Towels?2021-06-21T17:37:33-06:00

Yep! Our towels are completely complimentary. But please make sure they make it in a hamper when you’re all done with them.

When Do the Pools Close for Weather?2021-06-21T17:39:39-06:00

If there’s lightning within 10 miles, we have to close the pools as a safety measure. Same thing if the weather drops below -10 degrees in the winter.

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