Rocky Mountain Sonic

The psychedelic sonic rock band “Rocky Mountain Sonic” had been playing all around Bozeman for the past year. Comprised of Jeremiah Gray on drums, Brennan Althoff on guitar, and Jordan Berg on bass, “Rocky Mountain Sonic” mixes psychedelic jams with the blues for a sound that creates a sonic landscape, perfect for a late night […]

Eryn Bent

Born and raised in Montana, Eryn has small-town, western roots that influence her and reflect in her songwriting. Marrying emotive lyrics and moving melodies, her autobiographical originals explore several genres, but cling strongly to the authenticity of folk/rock and traditional country. Her powerful and expressive vocals will hit you with every fiber in your being, […]

Elana Hayden

Local jazz vocalist Elana Hayden moved to Bozeman in 2023 and has been taking the area by storm ever since. For this show, Hayden will be joined on stage by Mike Leslie on bass, Joe Sullivan on keys, Mike Gillar on drums, and Jake Fleming on sax. Blending elements of jazz & blues while playing […]


MorningBird is singer-songwriter Rob Wheeler, violinist Jill Burkes, and upright bass player Josh Palmi -all from the Northern Minnesota area. Burkes started off playing Finnish folk music on the violin when she was a child, and then moved into more classically trained music. Wheeler has played guitar since he was a teenager, beginning with heavy […]


Originally formed in Massachusetts by front man Andrew Stevens, guitarist Jake Hogan, and bassist Dorian Taylor, the band relocated to Portland, Oregon where they found the missing pieces to their puzzle—keyboardist, Mel Boell, and drummer, Joe-Henry McQuary. Silvertongue has developed a reputation in the Pacific Northwest music scene for their high-energy, ultra-dynamic performances and contagious […]

Brendan Nolan

Local acoustic rocker Brendan Nolan has been playing live music for most of his life. Playing a mix of originals from his years of music and recognizable covers, Brendan Nolan has something that everyone can enjoy, which makes him the perfect fit for a relaxing Thursday night in the pools.

Snacks at Midnight

The five-piece rock band from Spokane, WA, “Snacks at Midnight,” plays a good mix of groovy rock, grunge, punk, pop, and funk for a fun, rocking show. Comprised of Rory Babin on vocals, Nick Harner on bass, Giovani Covarrubias on guitar, Bill Babin on keys, and Austin Davis on drums, “Snacks at Midnight” has released […]

Jack Ooster

Local singer/songwriter Jack Ooster has been playing music all around Bozeman for the last few years. Playing a mix of atmospheric folk, soul, blues, and jazz, Ooster blends multiple genres to create a sound that is truly his own. Playing at the Bozeman Hot Springs, Jack Ooster is playing a relaxing summer show perfect for […]

Fox & Bones

The Portland-based duo of Fox & Bones is a conceptual folk collaboration between its two leading members Sarah Vitort and Scott Gilmore. Primarily singing heartwarming acoustic pop music with elements of soul and folk scattered throughout, Fox & Bones play shows consisting of primarily original music. Coming through Bozeman on tour with their full band, […]

Benny Bassett

The California-based acoustic alternative rock artist Benny Bassett made a name for himself wherever he performed with his old band “Vintage Blues.” Now playing solo sets across the country, Bassett is bringing his emotion-fueled alt rock sound to a wide array of local venues. Coming through Bozeman for a few shows on his tour through […]

Jacob Westfall

Americana Tender-Rock Artist Jacob Westfall is a larger than life troubadour of love and adventure — a young veteran of the Portland music scene that has gained recognition as one of the fastest growing singer-songwriters in the Pacific Northwest; often seen onstage with a family of collaborators and musicians of his adoptive hometown community. After […]