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Hiahli is a Minneapolis-based live hip-hop band that plays rock n roll instruments. The high-octane MC, Cold Sweat, delivers his Golden-Age Hip-Hop style over a variety of musical stylings. In addition to the usual fatback rhythms, you may hear some undercurrents of outlaw country, disco, and funk. The group weaves a tapestry of sound taking the listener through grungy, boom bap beats that inspire good times. And, always, a trip to the moon.

Joining Hiahli on stage will be the local hip-hop funk group “STiLGONE.” Spanning funk, soul, hip hop, reggae, and many more, STiLGONE manages to blend all these different sounds to make something that is completely unique. Consisting of front-man Symon Palmer on vox/guitar, Chris Cowan on guitar, Carl Hansen on bass, and Ezra Bowman on drums, STiLGONE will provide the perfect way to groove and vibe on a fun Sunday night.

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